Mrazovac K9- Bring Your Dog, You Will Not Be Disappointed

Need personal protection dogs? Come to Mrazovac K9 and you will not be disappointed. Probably the best dogs training institute of Stara Moravica, Mrazovac K9 deals with all kinds of dogs- be it German shepherd or Boxers.
Mrazovac K9 was founded by the Mrazovacs. The school is located between Budapest and Belgrade and enjoys a very convenient geographical location. 35 years-old in Dog training, the school has made a mark for its cutting-edge training technology and syllabus.
Mission Statement
The school’s mission statement is clear. “Not Dog brokers”, but “trainers who have the real thing” is what they claim. Indeed, there are no second thoughts about it when you see the dog training course they have with the instructors on board.
The dogs are trained from a very tender age when they are selected for their attitude, temperament and health. As they grow, the school trains them for obedience, discipline and aggressiveness (only when time calls for it).
Mrazovac K9 trains dogs for house protection, protecting women and children, keeping company with the elderly and the disabled. Even police dogs are trained here.
Training Facility and the Faculty
The faculty mostly comprises of women as the institute believes that Dogs respond well to women and connect to them better for their soft voice. The teachers are highly efficient and know how to handle dogs of varied temperament. Also the Dog training program conducted by the school boasts of A-class facilities with both practical and theoretical subjects. And the academic qualification that is required is graduation. You also have to be fluent in English and Hungarian.
Students are provided lodging close to the school and are provided practical training under the supervision of expert dog-handlers. The institute uses the best of equipment to train their dogs. Some of them include muzzles, leashes, retractable leashes, harnesses, prong or pinch collars, head halters, chokers, crates, e-collars, and many more.
Dogs For Sale
Once trained, the school also sells dogs as pets and companions. It offers an array of breeds, which include German Shepherds, Boxers, Doberman, Belgian Mailnois, Giant Schnautzer, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Rottweiler and more.  
They also sell puppies.
Mrazovac K9 Reviews are the best in town. Ask anyone and they will tell you how efficiently the school functions. In fact, the reviews provided by clients around the world are very positive. All the customers are happy and they endorse the training provided by the school.


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